About George Phillips’ Christian Rhymes in Atlantic Beach, NC

George is known for writing positive Christian rhymes in Greenville, NC

Jabergash is my pen name.  I write Christian rhymes in Atlantic Beach, NC.  I recently relocated from Atlantic Beach, North Carolina, where I got my start.  This is where I pen what I like to call faith-building stories. My spiritual poems cover a variety of different topics. They have been described and referred to as refreshing, positive, and emotional daily devotionals.  My first book "Jabergash" is a collection of Christian rhyming verse that explores a God given life exposing our pathway to Heaven.  Follow me in my writings of these witty little rhyming stories.

There was a dark time in my past and I nearly left this Earth. I stared down death. The pain in my sinful life was extreme. I begged God to save me and begged for forgivness. Through God's power and grace these writings were given to me, a talent that I had never had before. I've discovered my faith and salvation given from God and the love of Jesus the Christ. I hope that everyone can witness Their wonder. I have found peace and understanding in God's plan for me. This is my wish and prayer for you.

My second Christian book will be available soon, and I'm now working on the third in the series. I look forward to sharing the details with you—check back for a release date.