Jabergash is a series of funny little rhyming stories written in an easily read testimonial format. The author tells of his personal experiences. His transformation from a floundering sinful person into a man who has witnessed the glory and love of our Lord God Almighty and His Son Jesus Christ. He starts in book one. Telling of his struggles from the past. He tells of his love for family. His personal realization of a power greater than himself.  Jabergash tells of his newfound wonder. The wonder and realization of a loving God. His stories are of a personal journey. The glory of how God is showing Him the goodness of a spiritually filled life. Jabergash continues in book two to explain and tell of situations that are present in everyday life. He gives his personal insight and opinion of Gods presence in these everyday affairs. His hope for these rhymes? That these stories will help others be open minded about the presence of God. Some readers have referred to these books as daily devotionals and hopeful readings. The author continues in book three to witness for the goodness of God our Father. The stories continue to give insight into daily life filled with the joy of our God given Earthly life. The realization of an eternal afterlife promised from our Lord God above. The love of a God who has great things in store for the ones who chose to follow His way. The author’s mission will continue and be hopeful for others to witness the pleasures of a life worthy and true. A life of pure pleasure surrounded by God our father. The maker of Heaven and Earth.


Jabergash is a collection of rhymes inspired by the author’s Christian faith, knowledge, family and personal experiences. Within the manuscript the author offers his whit and wisdom on life and faith. The author provides the reader with creative rhymes that effectively convey his intended message. For readers Jabergash is a faith builder. Jabergash is a funny little spiritual book of rhyme dedicated to faith in God and Jesus Christ along the authors walk in a spiritually filled life. Some readers have compared and referred to these rhymes as daily devotionals. This greatly pleases the author and he is hopeful his work may help lead seekers to the goodness of God our Father and His Son Jesus, the Christ.


Here’s book two! Written from me to you. I hope you enjoyed the last? If so this should be a blast. This one’s filled with more stories. Sort of like the last. Filled with some kind advice. To maybe help with someone’s worry and strife. Which I hope leads someone to a better life. I’m still carrying on about God and Christ! No way it can’t be nice. Those Two come to me even stronger now! I still don’t know why or how? I’ve been traveling the road. Trying to get my books out. I hope and pray someone will read and find devout. Still just a regular old man with God on his mind. I have found He’s generous and kind! If others could just know of His warmth and love. It’s really given from above. You’ll go to Heaven one day if you follow his way. Let Jesus in! He’ll deal with you sin. While you’re here you’ll find these Two dear. Please trust me and keep them near. Remember your Judgement Day will soon appear? Not a worry in this world. If you keep these Two near. Enjoy your Earthly life while you’re here. Go out and play. Go out and work. Protect your family and soul. There’s so many pleasures to be had! Please be happy not sad. Thank you so much for reading book two. God bless you! Oh! I’ve started book three. Soon to be. I’m writing for you to maybe read? Good bye for now. Hope you enjoy this read?